Thursday 29 August 2013

Gorgeous Gifts for Adults from An Inkling*

An Inkling
An Inkling by kerrydyer03

I've shared my thoughts on some of these kind of gift finder website's before and today I have another one but I personally think it is quite a brilliant and unique idea. A lot of the other sites I have shared have been more aimed towards kids/children and finding them great gifts.
An Inkling is one specifically for adults which I love because sometimes when you have kids, us adults can be put on the back burner and kids always come first.

I have had a little look on the website and it is so easy to use! You can choose from male or female and then they have different age options from Student to Senior. The website then brings up a whole load of items that are organised into different interests, so you can pick which style most suits the person you have in mind. You can also save your searched and name them which is great, I hate it when I find something that would be great for someone but carry on looking and then lose it!

I put together a few of my top picks but honestly, most of the things on there are SO my style, all the home decor seems to be amazing and really unique which I adore. I have already added some of the items to a list called 'ME' that I will be including in my Christmas wish list! Particularly this stag's head coat hook, it's beautiful & they'd go perfectly in my hallway.

I really like how there is a whole range of products and prices, you are bound to find the perfect gift no matter what your budget or their age!

What's your favourite item from their website?

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