Saturday 3 August 2013

Good Hemp Nutrition; Strawberry Hemp Fit Shake!

I was very kindly sent some products from Good Hemp Nutrition to try out, what with my love of health & fitness and all that!  

If you’re not familiar with hemp protein here’s the low down:
-It is a complete source of protein (like meat)
-It includes all the Essential Amino Acids
-It’s extremely fast to absorb into the body
-It’s easily digestible and won’t make you bloated like whey products
-It’s a powerful source of dietary fibre
-It’s natural & sustainable to grow in the UK without chemicals
-It’s the only protein that naturally contains Omega 3
-It’s lactose, gluten, dairy & GMO free.
to see more, check out their website.
So it seems like a wonder product doesn’t it? I was super excited to try all these, but in particular the FIT Shake Strawberry. 
I’m lactose intolerant so sometimes whey protein doesn’t have the greatest affect on my stomach, it leaves me crampy and bloated. I busted out the strawberry hemp and the enormous shaker and threw some water in to make a shake.
It was not what i was expecting! First of all, I expected it to be pink (anyone else?!), but nope, it was brown. And it stayed brown when i mixed it with water. I also expected it to smell somewhat like strawberry, but nope, again, it smelt like hemp, not strawberry. If you haven't smelt hemp before, it isn't the nicest smell, put it that way! Lastly, I wasn't expecting it to taste like strawberry milkshake but I was expecting it to taste a little bit like some other strawberry proteins I have tried. Nope, you guessed it, to be honest, I didn't like it and couldn't finish the shake. 
I was determined to find something i could use it in so I googled some recipes using strawberry hemp protein & I found a flapjack one (SEE HERE). I'm a big fan of the usual carby treat so I whipped up the mix in next to no time and whacked it in the oven. SUCCESS! They taste great and DO taste like strawberry flapjack. This hemp protein makes the best protein flapjacks, so that is what I am saving it for, they are the perfect healthified treat!

Have you tried hemp protein? 
PS. I will be reviewing the Hemp milk & Oil in separate posts :)

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  1. Thanks for the post. Always looking for new ways to stay fit and healthy!