Wednesday 21 August 2013

Ever wonder What2buy4kids?*

Buying kids presents can be hard and even stressful. Sienna is only 9 months but I feel like she already has more than enough which is making it difficult to choose things for her first birthday in November and then Christmas the month after! What2buy4kids website has their items all split into sections such as age, gender etc. to help make it easier choosing a gift. I have been looking through the gifts for girls section (obviously!) to try and find some lovely things for Sienna.

The age starts at 3 years old but I definitely think some of the items would be fine for Sienna with supervision. Or more to the point, would be nice for me to use ;)


These are some of my picks I think would be great for Sienna (and mummy). This little travel suitcase is so cute and would be perfect for our little trips to Liverpool & London etc! Babies need so much stuff I usually take about 3 separate bags but this would be much easier & everything is in one place. The lunch box, storage pots & drinks bottle would be great for her packed lunches I take when we go out. I know she is only 9 months but believe me, this girl can eat! Lastly, I chose this little pink butterfly pillow pet. Sienna was given lots of teddies and cuddly toys when she was born and at my baby shower but as we didn't know she was a girl, most of them are neutral. This is also a little pillow which I just think is super cute and while she may not be able to use it as a pillow just yet, it is something that can still be used as she grows up.

What would be your top pick from What2buy4kids?

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