Monday 2 September 2013


If you work out, then you know those days you just don't have the energy to workout. I have those quite often after running around after Sienna all day! This Elete concentrate has been helping & Warren has definitely noticed it working as well. So what is it? It's basically an electrolyte concentrate so you can make your own natural energy drinks. 

As well as sustaining energy & endurance, it also helps with hydration, mental focus & prevent muscle cramps. It has no calories, no sweetener, preservatives or flavourings and can be added to any food or drink. If you drink coconut water, I guess it is a similar type of thing to that except I hate the flavour of coconut so this is a lot better for me! 

With the original flavour, I really couldn't taste any difference to my water although Warren could detect some saltiness but said it was very slight. We were also sent the CitriLyte which is a more citrus flavour, Warren says it does have a slightly stronger taste but I have an allergy to citrus flavours so I haven't tasted it just in case!

Warren has been using his for football training and matches, he has found that during and afterwards, his muscles feel less fatigued, he has more energy and feels more hydrated. He also thinks it helps him drink more water as he adds this too it rather than having a lucozade. I also found it gave me more endurance and I didn't feel exhausted afterwards.

We've been really enjoying using these and Warren will not go to footie without them now because he sees so much of a difference! I'm glad we tried these & I think the price is great, Warren says he will definitely be continuing with these and would recommend them. I don't feel I need them as much because I only tend to do 20-30 mins but when I have time to do a big session, I make sure I use Elete in my water to make sure I have the energy and endurance to make it a good one. 

If you're not into working out, these are also a great hangover cure to get your hydration up ;)

Do you use energy drinks? 

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