Thursday 1 August 2013

Clayspray Toning White Clay Masque

I love a good clay mask and this one is no exception. This is the Clayspray Toning White Clay Masque with Aloe Vera*. It's the world's first clay emulsion in a spray which offers the benefits of keeping the clay air tight and as pure and fresh as possible. It's also much more hygienic than other clay masks you can get in tubes or tubs. 

The clay itself is extracted from deposits within the Irene Mine in North-Eastern Iberian peninsula, where the purest clay is found. It is combined with the purest spring water to ensure the clay is at optimum levels of efficacy. It's rich in minerals with unique qualities from the erosions of huge granite formations. This means the clay mask not only removes impurities but also puts back nourishment in the skin through the minerals. To get the best effect from these minerals, Clayspray's formula is also enriched with macromolecular hydrogels that are able to hold up to 800 times their own weight in water. This helps add moisturise and enhances the firming & strengthening effect of the clay itself.

The white clay in the toning mask I have, contains potassium, calcium and silica for moisturising and anti-ageing benefits but they also do red clay masks that activate circulation and encourage healing. Both the red and white clay provide antiseptic and exfoliating properties, as well as being deep cleansing, removing toxins and neutralising the effects of free radicals. 

With the Aloe Vera and the fact there is no artificial fragrance, this mask is especially for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin but this felt soothing and cooling on the skin yet effective. I really love the effect it has on my skin, in this hot weather the cooling effect of it is a welcome pleasure and then as it dries, it tightens. It does get really tight which is not everyones cup of tea but with my combination skin, I'm partial to it. After all, it is the toning mask and like I always say, I like to feel and see my products working.  

When i removed my mask with a warm muslin cloth, I was left with clearer, tighter, softer, smoother skin which exactly what i expected and needed! This mask has now become a weekly favourite of mine and when my skin is just feeling a bit yucky, I slap this on knowing it will works wonders!

As well as the Toning White clay masque, Clayspray also offer a Pore Refining white clay, Brightening white clay, Glow red clay, Matiifying red clay and Deep Cleansing red clay mask priced at £44.50 for 125ml and provides approx. 17 facials. They have also recently launched two H20 sprays, a hydrating one and a comforting one with green tea priced at £17.50 for 125ml.

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  1. This sounds good, a unusual shade when it comes out the bottle. I love clay masques for my skin though, they really feel like they clean deep.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers