Monday 5 August 2013

Bibisili Bibs from Piccolo Bambino!

Meet Jake the Giraffe, Sienna's new friend and mummy's new meal time lifesaver. Sienna loves her food & with that comes mess, lots of it. When we started baby led weaning, Sienna used to get food stuck to her from head to toe as her hand eye co-ordination was not quite there yet. Now she is better but still occasionally gets her cheeks instead of her mouth, leaving the food to fall into her lap. We used to think she had eaten everything, took her out of the highchair and most of it had been sandwiched under her nappy and glued to her legs. 

When we first got Jake, I put him on her and she was excited at the colours and the face, although nothing can take her attention away from cheerios for too long. She was soon back to shovelling handfuls into her mouth. I investigated to see if Jake was doing his job and I was impressed. There was probably one handful of sticky, softened cheerios that had been caught in the bib instead of her legs. Once she realised they were in there, we had another game of getting them out and into her mouth, second time lucky? 

Jake the Giraffe has made my meal time clean up much easier and saves me attacking Sienna with a wet wipe 'wash' 3 times a day. Which by the way, she hates, if anyone heard her, they would think I was telling her she could never have another cheerio ever again ;)

I'm very impressed with the Bibisili bib, it's practical, has an adjustable neck (always a + with bibs!) and is dishwasher safe. They're made from 100% food grade silicone so are very flexible and bendy which means it doesn't cut into Sienna's neck or cause any discomfort. What's more, it makes my life as a mum easier and that is why I am going to be buying more of these.  Ellie the Elephant is going to be the next addition to the collection!

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Have you tried these bibs? How do you make meal times less messy?

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  1. Aww another little one with the same high chair as Ted. These bibs look fab xx

  2. these look really handy!

  3. how cute. Bibs were not this exciting when 6yo was a baby. Or I never knew about the,

  4. aww this looks fab! Sienna is a cuteyyy x