Wednesday 14 August 2013

5 Facts About Me!

I hear a lot of people saying they like to see personality coming through in people's blogs to get to know the writer and they love lifestyle posts & TAGs. Well, I thought I'd do the 5 facts about me for you. I'm really trying to get in more posts that I want to do and that are more lifestyle/fun based rather than just review after review! So here we go, 5 facts you may not know about me!

1.  I have 3 brothers. 

Yup, 3 of the them, all younger than me! This is from 2 christmases ago & I was still drunk from the night before which is why I look so weird. (Fast forward 2 hours and I was in back in bed very ill. But, that's not the point of this photo!) From L-R We have Harley, Brodie & Bradley. They are the reason I have always wanted a baby girl, because I didn't get a sister! 

2. When I was 14, I was told I'd never get pregnant.

Well, they didn't exactly say never but they said I had less than 3% chance of conceiving naturally. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 14, I was overweight and they said this was the main cause. I immediately started trying to lose weight and be healthy as my own baby is all I ever wanted. This is where my love of fitness & being healthy came from as I knew it was much more than the way you looked! It obviously worked because here we are today with a beautiful daughter conceived 100% naturally! I truly believe when I actually fell pregnant it was because Warren & I had given up alcohol for a month before and started running/training for a 10k. Health is the greatest gift!

3. My Grandad is a magician!

I know, I know this isn't him and he's not quite as magic as dynamo but it's still all based around the same thing, although I secretly think Dynamo is Jesus ;) It's just mind-blowing! My Grandad  has always been a magician since I have known him & it was tradition that he performed at all of the grandchildren's 4th birthday parties! I can vaguely remember mine and this must be where my love of magic comes from. I'm obsessed with dynamo and if you don't watch it, you need too! Just take a look at the clip above, speechless!!

4. I have a permanent brace.

I get a lot of compliments on my teeth now & that makes me happy. I had a brace put on when I was nearly 18 which is rather 'old' but I hated my teeth so much I didn't care. I actually think people were nicer about it because I was older! I have a permanent brace behind my front teeth to keep them in place, my left 'vampire' tooth stuck out so much that from the side it was almost horizontal, I hated having pictures taken and would try not to laugh or smile! I'm so glad I got them done, my confidence is so much better now!

5. I have only been abroad twice...  

..and neither times is with my family! I went to Gran Canaria with an ex boyfriend which was a disaster and I've been to Turkey with Warren, his mum & his sister in 2011. Turkey is some of my favourites memories of us as a couple, care free before we had Sienna and enjoying a holiday in the sun together, it was SO much fun! (I also miss my stomach looking like this, even though I'm thinner now, it's just not the same!) We are desperate for another holiday, just the two of us but that will probably end up being our honeymoon at this rate! My dream is to one day be rich enough to take my whole family on holiday as we never had a lot of money growing up to be able to go abroad, my brothers have still never been! Watch this space...! ;)

So there you go! What did you learn about me? 
Did you know any of them already?
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