Thursday 18 July 2013

Gwdihw 100% natural balms!

Hi lovelies! So today I have a post for you on Gwdihw balms. What's that I hear ya say? Well, let me tell you! 'Gwdihw' means 'Goody hoo' in Welsh and is the welsh word for owl. Owls are known to be wise and pure which is why it is the brand name for these balms. They are 100% natural, free from any artificial nasties and so can be used by the anyone in the family, even the littleuns!

They offer a balm for every need, including, nails, lips, muscles, cradle cap and even bites, cuts & bruises! I have been trying out the Cherry Smoochy Lips,* Nail Wizard* and Magic Muscle Rub* (all RRP £4.49) over the past couple of weeks and they are truly amazing. I have honestly been within 10 feet of one at all times since receiving them. The lip balm is a firm staple in my bag, the nail wizard is on my coffee table for religious night time applications and the muscle rub is my little pot of magic i apply before bed.

  My nails have been stronger and much more hydrated, my lips the same and my muscles feel a lot more relaxed when I wake. I was excited the most about the magic muscle rub because I struggle a lot with the muscles in my back. I am constantly on the go and always lifting heavy things, they are so tight and knotted, I get pain everyday. This has definitely helped and the smell is lovely and relaxing too which contributes to the whole effect of the balm. Rubbing this in has now become a part of my bed time routine and it will not be leaving!

I am very into natural products as you may know and I love how they use coconut oil, if you are familiar with clean eating you will know the wonders of this ingredient! I could get very technical but i'll try to keep it short and simple. It's an excellent moisturiser, healer, soother, multi-vitamin and anti-fungal. No wonders Gwdihw chose this as their base ingredient.

If you love natural products, I really recommend these and I love they how they have something for everyone. The whole range would be useful to me but I think I am going to purchase the First aid balm. I am conscious of what I put on Sienna's skin and it won't be long before we will be dealing with cuts & bruises i'm sure! Knowing about coconut oil, I know this will be more effective than anything else i could buy.

What do you think? Which one will you be buying?

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  1. The packaging on these is so cute! Sounds like they're super-useful too :)

    Milly x
    Mini Adventures

  2. How cute are those tins? I would buy them just for that xx


  3. The cutest balm packaging ever!