Sunday 14 July 2013

Body Star MAGIFIT pants!

**This is a repost from my health/fitness blog, i am putting them altogether, it's too much work having 2 blogs!**

I was kindly sent these MAGIFIT pants to review as i continue to get my body back. Gym's or exercising around other people can be intimidating enough without worrying about what you're wearing or how you look. 

These MAGIFIT pants are designed to suck you in a little in women's most famous problem areas; the bum and tum, to help you feel more confident. Even though at the moment i only do workout DVDs in the comfort of my own home, feeling good in your workout clothes is one of the biggest motivators i think.

If i feel nice and svelte, i want to keep it that way which means i'll work harder. What i love about these is they are also fashionable, i love combination of the grey and purple, so you can still feel a little bit girlie and glam whilst working up a sweat. They are also bootcut so much more flattering on some figures than the legging type.

The material is comfy and easy to move in, great for all those lunges and squats! I also like how they are quite high waisted and stay in place, while jumping around doing my aerobics or kickboxing, i didn't have to keep pulling them up which is a pet hate of mine! They also wash well and don't crease which is a bonus. 

Have you tried these or anything similar? Would you purchase them?

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