Monday 22 July 2013


HOLD IT! Before you click off, please hear me out? I know batteries are probably the most boring subject, but think about it, we all use them more than we realise and they are pricey little things! Wether you need them in your camera, your xbox controller or your kids toys, i think pretty much everyone has some kind of gadget that requires the little bullets of energy. 

Battery station offers amazing prices on every type of battery you can imagine, from hearing aid batteries to specialist batteries to the every day AA battery and many different brands. They also offer bulk buys, so wether you just need the odd one here and there or are a company and go through massive volumes, you will find what you need at a much better price and great service. 

We have been testing out some batteries over the past couple of weeks in Sienna's mobile as we use it a lot. The quality is just as good as any other batteries we have had and they are genuine brands.

Do you use batteries a lot? What do you think of the price point?

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