Wednesday 19 June 2013

Paul's Hair World Hair Extensions*

Recently, i have been thinking about chopping my hair off, it's so long, dry and knotty and all Sienna wants to do it pull it and eat it! Not only that, it takes a lot of time to style, something i don't have! My hair is super long and going from long hair to short hair is a big step, i know it's 'only hair' and maybe i am vain but i'm so scared to take the leap. I am sure i would regret it when i look back at pictures of me with my beautiful, dip dyed long hair.

Paul's Hair World asked me to write a post for them and because of that, i have been having a look at their extensions. They offer many different types including European hair. I've never really dabbled properly with hair extensions as i've nearly always had long hair but i am surprised at the amount of styles you can get, a lot of them are celebrity inspired and look very authentic. It would be much easier than washing, drying and styling my own hair!

The one thing that appeals to me the most is they offer hair extensions with the dip dye. This is great for me because if i do take the leap of cutting it all off, i can have these as a back up and they would look somewhat similar to before! This makes it not so much of a scary decisions for me, because i can potential have it back, the only difference is it would be fake!

Now.. Should i cut it all off?!

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  1. Cut it Hun, it's so much easier to deal with and with extensions u can have the best of both worlds. It will feel much healthier and if you are not to keen hair grows, it won't take very long xx

  2. Noo, you have the most lovely hair (am very jealous of it myself). I thought the same a few years ago, as it was getting hard to manage and tangley at times too, but I instantly regretted it and it still hasn't properly grown back. Longer hair is so much more versatile (you can even make it into a bob with careful hair placement and clips) and wearing hair extensions lots gets very tiresome as they hurt and tug on the hair roots.

    You may think shorter hair would be easier to manage, but I actually style and try and 'do stuff' to my hair to make it look nice ten times more than I did when I had longer hair unfortunately, as it doesn't sit the same.

    Anyway, I might be biased because I am a hair grower obsessive ha ha, but I would love your hair - it's gorgeous!

    Just wanted to comment as your blog is amazing and I'm usually a very lazy blog reader and hardly ever comment!

    Love your blog!

    Scarlett x

  3. Maybe get a trim , but don't chop it all off.

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