Thursday 4 July 2013

Parade to the Pool!

On 4th June, Speedo Sculpture's Parade to the Pool took place through London. Dozens of women paraded down the streets in their swimwear with Gabby Logan, the ambassador of Speedo Sculpture, to tackle the terror of getting into their swimsuits.

No matter who we are, we are all guilty of putting ourselves down at some point, some more than others. In fact, 84% of women asked admitted to putting their bodies down through negative thoughts, 28% doing it daily. Gabby and the parade's aim was to get more women to go stop being shy of their bodies. 55% of women said they won't go swimming to fear of getting in a swimming costume, thats a massive percentage and swimming is such a great physical and social exercise, it's a shame women feel they just can't do it.

Speedo are hoping to help with women's confidence by providing a range of swimming costume you can feel more confident in. Speedo Sculpture is the female body shaping swimwear range, created with comfort and confidence in mind. They used the analysis of over 5,400 body shapes to ensue the collection offers great fit and control. The material has Xtra Life LYCRA fibre and compared to a standard swimsuit, it has 10 times increased chlorine resistance and so keeps the shape swim after swim.

I have the Speedo Sculpture Women's Premiere Sculpt Printed One Piece*. It has a flattering v-neck and the print helps create the illusion of a slimmer waist. It also offers bust support, adjustable straps, tummy control and all over body shaping.


I haven't worn this swimming yet but i can tell the difference from just trying it on. It is a very tight fit which is great, it makes you feel much more secure and comfortable and of course, confident. I feel like everything is smoothed out and sucked in and nothing is going to jiggle around and fall out! The material feels thicker than most other swimsuits i have worn and that also helps me feel like it's not going to be see through when wet, so once again it adds to the confidence of going swimming! I really love the subtle detailing of neon pink, it's not too much but just a little of fun and girliness. I can't wait to take Sienna swimming and for once, not worry about how i look in or out of the pool.

Tips to fight 'fat talk' and get you parading to the pool;

- Stay fit with exercise like swimming. You'll stop seeing your body as aesthetic and more about performance and movement.
- Don't over think things! When you over think, you're more likely to put yourself off doing something. Just do it!
- Fake it until you make it. Shoulders back. head up and fake the confidence until it becomes real.
- Surround yourself with positive people and good self-image, make each other feel good.
-  Enhance what is great about you. Make the most of your best assets!
- Don't see your body as your enemy, it is part of you.
- Manage your expectations of being judged, most people aren't looking anyway!
- Build self-esteem around what you are god at, not what you look like.
- Talk positively bout your body in front of your children, they will pick up on self esteem and learn bd habits.
- Keep a diary as a way to spot negative talk.

Do you put off going swimming because of fear of getting into a swimming costume?

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