Tuesday 25 June 2013

Father's Day With Joules*

On 15th June 2013, Warren along with many other daddy's, celebrated his first Father's Day. Joules wanted to help make that day even more special and we were kind enough to receive some gifts from them on behalf of Warren from Sienna. 

We chose the Abingdon Mens Pumps in Navy and the Crown Joules Anchor Print Underwear in Creme. as they are staples you can't really go wrong, although they have a great range of Mens trousers & shorts as well.   They safely arrived in their very well presented Joules box, all wrapped and ready for Warren for Father's Day. When opening them he was pleasantly surprised and loved the items. 

The pumps are a great Navy colour which makes a different from grey which he normally goes for. They also have the white detailing which just adds a bit more detail and helps them stand out. They are great quality and more sturdy than his others ones as well, he has worn them everyday since!
 I hope you don't mind but we didn't take a picture of the underwear, and i feel there isn't much to say about them except i love the print (so does Warren) and the colours, the material is good and they fit well! We are very happy with the items!

Thanks Joules for making Warren's Father's Day even more special :)

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