Wednesday 26 June 2013

All About Weight diet plan*

I'm not usually one to recommend any type of diet, i am the kind of person who just says eat clean and exercise, no need for silly diets as they are usually unsustainable. However, All About Weight is one that i would recommend and can be sustainable. 

You replace your usual meals with their shakes, soups, bars and meals just like many other diets. However, with All About Weight all the meals and snacks have been developed by dieticians and nutritionists so are low GI which is a big tick in my book when it comes to any kind of 'diet'. I also personally checked the nutritional information and I was glad to see that all the meals are low in sugar as well as fat, sometimes these 'meal replacements' are a con and just full of sugar, which is actually worse for you than fat (but thats another post..). They are also pretty high in protein, including the bars so again that is a bonus point and something I look for personally in my snacks!

  You can choose between 4 different plans to suit you, Regular, Rapid, 50/50 or the D2 one for diabetics and get your diet food delivered straight to your door. You can also mix them, so if you have a special event coming up you can switch it up to get maximum benefits and trying to loose those last few pounds. Once you have reached your target weight, there is a 'New you' plan, so you can maintain your weight. Again, this is a very good idea as many other diets like these get you to loose the weight, but then you go back to eating normally and pile it all back on. The prices are also great, starting from just £3.50 per day!

To find out more and get started, check out their website. 
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