Saturday 18 May 2013

Naturally Made For You body products*

Naturally made for you was born from Kadifa trying so many products that didn't do what she wanted. Sound familiar? She searched on youtube and gained so much knowledge in what ingredients work and how to make your own products. She tried them and never looked back.  Kadifa now has a whole team who help her make and sell the products to likeminded women who prefer natural products.

The smells of these are amazing, i really prefer natural smells rather than artificial. You just can't beat it! 

The Whipped Mango butter with grapefruit & lime is so refreshing and awakening, perfect for the mornings to really lift you! It's a mousse type consistency because it's whipped, so it is light and melts into the skin perfectly but at the same time very moisturising because of the oils in it. It leaves a slight sheen on the skin which personally i love but doesn't feel oily or tacky. I think it would look great on bare legs for a summer day to give that oiled effect and removing any drying of the skin.

The Whipped Shea Butter with vanilla is more of a subtle scent but i love anything scented vanilla. The consistency is also more dense and richer but a little less oily, i think this would be better if you're not into oils or have more oily skin. It is still very moisturising though and leaves the same sheen on the skin, it's more of an 'every day' scent i would say.

As for the Coconut caress body soufflĂ© exfoliator, i thought this would be my least favourite because i'm not keen on anything coconut. But this is a subtle coconut scent so a lot more likeable for me. As you would expect it is a grainy texture to remove dead skin cells, and quite a course grain so is very exfoliating. Saying that, it spreads easily because of the oils so you don't need to use as much as some dryer exfoliators. It really helps remove the dead skin but also moisturises. It's a 2 in one product, perfect for busy ladies like me!

I am very impressed with the quality of these products and finally, something actually does what it says. I haven't been this impressed with skincare for a while and will definitely buy these when i have used my samples. I'm really getting more into natural and eco friendly products since having Sienna and trying to eat clean and this is one on my favourite brands i have tried so far! I'm very excited i found these and got the chance to try them and share them with you guys!

Please check Naturally Made For You out, their prices are great and i promise you won't be disappointed! I think they are amazing!

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What do you think of natural body products? Have you tried these?

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