Wednesday 22 May 2013

Little Pinkies Personalised Jewellery*

Little Pinkies is a fantastic company who offers a range of beautiful personalised jewellery like this above. You can choose from pendants, lockets, cufflinks, charms, bracelets and more. What i really like about the jewellery is that it is Sterling silver or Gold which means the quality is great and is going to last. You can have fingerprints, handprints of footprints onto any items. 

It could not be easier to do, you order and pay online just as you would if you were ordering something that was not customised. You then get sent your 'inkless kit' in order to take the prints you want. The kit comes with your order form,  inkless wipe and instructions. The inkless wipe is so handy and easy to use. It's obviously less messy than ink which is great if you are trying to get babies handprints! You print onto the reverse side of your order form and send it off. Little Pinkies do their magic and in 2 weeks, you will receive your little package of printed jewellery!  

I ordered the round necklace with Sienna's handprint on the front. They also offer any personalisation of words/dates you want and wherever you want it. I got Sienna's date of birth on the reverse side of my necklace but you can leave it plain if you want or have it underneath on the front, you really decide every detail.

I am over the moon with it, i think it is beautiful and the quality is great. I was also surprised at how quick it arrived. I was worried the prints weren't good enough which is why we did so many but it turned out perfect! They did a great job! It's such a lovely way to keep Sienna's handprints. We took prints when she was born but this way i get to wear it everyday instead of them just being kept in a box somewhere upstairs. It probably sounds cheesy but I also love the fact i have her with me all the time and people can see it, even if i'm out on my own. 

I will definitely add another charm to my necklace if we have another baby and i think the prints on cufflinks would be the perfect gift for father's day! Please go and check them out :)

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What do you think of my new necklace from Little Pinkies? 

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  1. such an amazing idea so personal x

  2. Wow, I love this idea. So adorable and personal!

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  3. This is so simple and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing Honey I love it!


  4. This is by far the cutest and most original idea I've seen in such a long time. What an amazing gift idea or way to add meaning to jewellery. Just lovely! x

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  5. This is so cute, I've just received my kit to create one, can't wait to get started x it's so great x