Saturday 11 May 2013

Little Champ baby sports toys!*

Baby's toys have become a popular subject this week, with This Morning were asking if kids toys should be gender neutral or not. Something i have found with having a baby girl, is that if she's not dressed head-to-toe in pink and holding a pink doll, people refer to her as a 'he'. 

There was a lot of debate about the question and i find when it comes to buying baby's toys, there is normally a clear divide with boys being blue and girls being pink. But what about those toys that are gender neutral? Little Champ is a company who's products are focused on sports. Sports aren't and shouldn't be gender specific and this is reflected in their products.  

They have all the qualities of your average baby toys; bright colours, crinkly bits and a squeaker. But they are also more than your average baby toy, they have that extra bit of education which i think is excellent. They educate the baby on how to play the sport, grip and grasp their hand eye coordination. This makes it fun and more interactive than regular cuddly toys. They also come with the ring to attach to the pushchair, cot or baby gym and also acts as a teething ring!

I think these are a fantastic first toy and make excellent gifts to all babies. Plus points for being gender neutral ;) Everyone who has seen Sienna with them think they are such a super toy for being educational. They are also a toy that they can grow with, they are suitable from birth as a cuddly toy but still great for when they are a toddler and taking an interest in the sport!

Of course i am a girly girl who loves my hair and make-up, but i also like to stay active and healthy. 
I feel that sport is part of healthy lifestyle and i will encourage from the start with Sienna so it is normal for her. I don't want Sienna to grow up thinking that sport is only for boys and she can't or shouldn't play rugby/tennis/golf etc. If she chooses not to do any sport that is fine, but she should know the option is there for her to choose. These toys should help remind her of that and show her how fun it is!

Little Champ toys are available from their website, prices starting from just £13.99. 

What do you think of Little Champ sports toys? Do you think toys should be gender neutral? 

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  1. I love these! Definitely got to get some for my daughter!! X

  2. Hayden has the tennis racket!
    I think it's really cute & very gender neutral
    Ermm... When did Sienna get so big?? Such a beautiful baby :D

    Great post hunny

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby - Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

  3. These look great, i like the fact that they are more educational than the average toy x