Monday 15 April 2013

It's a dog's life

Blouse; Primark
Skirt; Topshop
Tights; Primark
Boots; Tesco
Bag; Tesco

 Hi lovelies! So yesterday we went to Warren's mum for sunday lunch and had some old friends over. I spend most of my week in my pjs covered in baby sick with sawdust & paint so i use the smallest excuse to 'dress up' a little. 

I bought this blouse when i was pregnant in a primark sale for about £3. I have only just got it to fit me, i had to wait for the boobies to shrink haha! Now i'm loving wearing it, especially this way, tucked into a skater skirt. I loved the neutral print with a pop of red and gold.

I'm also wearing my new heels that i LOVE. They were a bargain at FIVE POUNDS in tesco, i couldn't believe it! I snapped them up so quickly, i practically ran to the self serve ;) They are a little higher than i'm used to but because of the chunky heel, they are so much more comfortable than my lower ones! 

We had a lovely sunday lunch and time at Grandmas with Sienna and now it's back to the daily chores!

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