Thursday 4 April 2013

How we chose Sienna's name.

When i was younger, i remember writing my list of baby names. If i had a girl, it was definitely going to be named 'Ebony Jade Amelia'. For boys, it would be something like Callum or Hayden but i hadn't decided on it.

Fast forward 10 years and i had the real task of choosing a baby name. I could write a list as long as my arm of nice baby names, but nice enough for my baby? Nowhere near.

All throughout the pregnancy we were convinced it was a boy and came up with his name pretty quickly. Jackson Lloyd. I liked Jack but it was too common and we both liked Jackson as it was something a bit different, so it just seemed to fit. Lloyd came from Warren, he was nearly named Lloyd himself and he had just always liked the name. Sorted.

Or not... Halfway through my pregnancy i completely went off Jackson. No rhyme or reason, i just knew i didn't want my little boy to be named that anymore. So the name game began. We came up with Jenson, a similar kind of name but i liked it a little more, we added it to the list but i knew deep down i didn't like it enough. Milo,Tate, Phoenix, Finley.. the list kept growing but there was never that 'one'. 

I had always liked 'Lewis' for a boy but i thought that was too common nowadays too. I like to be a bit different and so we googled names similar to Lewis. Lucas came up and i knew straight away i loved it. I asked Warren and he also liked it, it helped that he is a big Liverpool fan (Lucas is one of the players).  Surprisingly, neither of us changed our minds and it was pretty set this was his name. 

Then it dawned on it be that this baby could actually be a girl. 

I thought this would be an easy task as there are plenty of pretty girls names out there. However, Warren was a problem, he didn't like any girls names at all. Every name i picked out, was an automatic 'No'. It took us months to find one girls name he liked; Alex. That was not girlie enough for my little girl. Once again, i googled names similar to Alex for a girl. Alexa came up and i thought that was nice. Lexi for short and Alex when she's older if she/Warren wanted. Again the list grew.. Alana, Alexa, Brianna... but still i wanted something more.

I searched celebrity names and remembered Nicole Richie called her little girl 'Harlow'. My brother is called Harley and i have always loved that so i really settled on Harlow. It went with the little blonde haired, blue eyed girl i imagined.
 Warren thought it was 'not so bad' and i thought we were getting there. That was until my dad said he hated it and it was a boys name. I also had feelings that it was too close to the name Harley and people would think it was a bit sad. So once again, we went through the now torturous game of names.. I really loved Sophia and Summer but Warren said absolutely no way. 

Thank god for google, it came up with Sienna as a similar name and once again, i automatically loved it. I debated on Harlow Sienna and not caring what everyone else thought but i couldn't do it. So Sienna was an 'Ok' in Warren's books and a definite in mine. We just needed a middle name.. argh! haha! 

I once again, googled middle names.. all sorts of 'different' things came up.. Rae, Bree, Blue, May, Faye, and of course my middle name, Marie. None of them hit the spot so i thought of all the girls names i already liked. Olivia was one of them, i wanted my youngest brother to be called Olivia if he was to be a girl.  Sienna Olivia. It had a ring to it, even it was a bit uh-uh-uh. 

When we went to the hospital when i was in labour, our baby name list looked like this;

Lucas Finley
Jenson Lloyd
Jackson Quinn
Lucas Jaxon Oliver
Lucas Quinn


Sienna Olivia
Alexa/Lexi Rae
Alexa/Lexi Harlow
Alana Bree
Alana Olivia
Alana Rae
Brianna Marie


As i said before, we were set on Lucas for a boy. For a girl, Warren was set on Alana but i knew i wanted my baby Sienna. When the baby was born and they said it was a girl, they put her in my arms and I automatically called her Sienna without even consulting Warren. He just agreed, especially as i had already told my mum that was her name!

So that is how our little princess got her name! Never in a million years would i think that is what she would be called, but you never know what the future holds! 
FYI Lucas is still a favourite for a boy ;)

How did you choose your child(ren)s names ? Did you find it as hard as us?


  1. Thomas was Thomas from the moment we found out I was pregnant as my dad was convinced even before the gender scan that he was a boy. There was never any other boys names we liked so really don't know what we would choose if we had another boy.

  2. Loved this post. Yay for the name 'Alex' though haha :P

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  4. I love Sienna!

    We had Amelia Paige set in mind but also loved olivia.

    I love finley and lucas for a boy and also alfie.