Sunday 24 March 2013

Xen Tan Moroccan Tan*

I absolutely love being bronzed, it gives me so much more confidence and everything seems to look better. Before i had Sienna, i was a bit of a tanning queen. Now, i would rather just curl up and get as much sleep as i can without applying, air drying and sleeping like i'm a statue because i'm still tacky. We received this Xen Tan Moroccan Tan sample in our goodie bag from the bristol blogger meet (yes i know, we got so many amazing products lucky us!) and i chose the night before mothers day to try it. 

It was my first mothers day as a mummy myself and although i love being a mummy, i wanted to remind myself i was still me and thought some tan would do the trick and remind me of my more glam days. I soon found out i do not miss applying tan. It is just such a faff and then i always panic it will look horrendous in the morning and regret doing it. This time the outcome was SO worth it. I slapped it on as best (and as quick) as i could. 

The Xen Tan Moroccan Tan smells like sun, sea and sand in a bottle and i was desperately hoping i would look like i'd spent a couple weeks there when i woke up. This was a really dark lotion and i was a bit scared when i started applying it, i looked black. It also dries so quickly that i barely had time to blend it in, i was so worried i would wake up so patchy but i think this is one of those tans that it doesn't matter how it looks as long as all the skin is covered, it will even itself out. 

I normally never do my face when i tan as i wear make-up anyway and usually match my foundation to my tan and blend it all together. Because this was such a stark difference to my ghostly pale natural skin, i decided to do my face a little bit just to make sure i didn't look too odd. (Warren also said my face looked like the moon shining because it was so pale compared to my black body, charming!) 

I am pleased to report no breakouts after using it on my face and amazingly, when i showered the next morning, all the patchy looking bits came off and i was left with smooth, hydrated, perfect bronzed skin. I really did look like i'd been the Caribbean for a couple of weeks and got a beautiful natural tan. FYI. I didn't even prep my skin as i hasn't planned to apply this. I did no exfoliating or moisturise before hand and it didn't cling to any parts of my body, not even knees, eyebrows etc! It felt very moisturising i guess because of the Argan Oil in it and faded evenly and subtly.

I am SO impressed with this tan that it is the only higher end tan i would be willing to purchase and probably will if the weather ever starts warming up. The medium was a great colour for me and not too dark. Even my legs tanned well which is my worst body part to take to any tan. I cannot praise this tan enough, it beats St Tropez hands down, there is no comparison. If you are looking for the best tan out there, i highly recommend Xen Tan Moroccan Tan.

What did you think of this? Are you a tanning queen?


  1. I also tried this tan, and I did purchase the full size, I love it!

  2. Sounds like such a good tan, im the same with Lilly i would rather have a but more of a sleep than tan but i like to every now and again to remind myself even though im a mum now im still me x