Thursday 28 March 2013

A Day In The Life Of a Busy Stay At Home Mum!

Sienna has been cooing in her cot & it's just woken me up, i look at my phone to see the time and try to see if her dummy will send her back to sleep as she isn't crying for food.
 After multiple times of trying to give Sienna her dummy, she has spat it out every time and making louder noises, she wants to play.
 I decided to take her out to try and shh her as to not wake Warren, she decides she is now hungry and starts grizzling.
 I feed her after making her bottle on the bedside cabinet, burp her and do her nappy. I put her back in her cot while i go to the bathroom, when i come back she is nearly asleep. I am far too awake so i drag myself downstairs for coffee.
 I fill the kettle up and put it on making sure i have enough for Sienna's bottles as well as my bucket of coffee. Sometimes it takes 2 kettle fulls ;) I run back upstairs to the bedroom and gather the darks for washing as quietly as i can and without any light.
 The washing goes in and on. The kettle is still boiling so i start unloading the dishwasher.
 The kettle is boiled, i half make my coffee(just black), just so i can smell it whilst i finish the dishwasher.
Milk in coffee, done. Washing on and dishwasher unoaded & reloaded, productive so far!
 I go into the lounge with my coffee to start typing this. This is 'my time' in the mornings IF Sienna goes back to sleep after her 6/7 feed. I will drink my coffee, have some breakfast, catch up on some TV or blogging and try to wake up & get energized for the day.
I've drank most of my coffee, checked emails, caught up on some blogs and whilst watching 'Don't just stand there, i'm having your baby' i decide to start on some work for the business, I have jewellery stands and plaques galore to complete. 
I finally decide go and get that wood i need to work on after being distracted by Bryony's blog.
I REALLY go and get that work ;)
Warren appears downstairs looking tired but ready for work, we have a little chat while i carry on with my work.
I'm hungry, i need food. I run up to check on Sienna to see if i have time to quickly before she wakes up. She stretches a little but goes back to sleep. Quick, food get in ma belly!
Breakfast eaten and water drunk, Warren leaves for work, now more painting before Sienna wakes!
Paint is drying, i tidy bits of the house. This is repetitive until Sienna wakes. I also take out the prawns to defrost for tea.
Sienna wakes while im sorting the washing that has dried from 2 days ago. She seems happy in her cot so i leave her for a couple more minutes while i fold and put clothes away. I get her out her cot, we have tickle time before i do her nappy and get her changed.
We go downstairs, the washing is done so i pull it out, put in the basket and put the next lot in. Where did that time go? Babies are time wasters ;)
I make Siennas bottle and the postman comes with more wood for me :) I feed Sienna her baby rice and bottle, and whilst feeding her i phone the prescription line to order her infasoy milk for saturday. Staci (warrens sister) texts and say she wants to come up today. I say it's fine.
I grab a quick shower, chuck my hair up and clothes on, i don't bother with make-up but i need my eye cream.
I come downstairs and play with Sienna. She is happy and giggly this morning, i'm so in love :)
Sienna poops. Nappy change. Play time.
Staci arrives. We drink tea, chat, she looks after Sienna and i carry on with more work & put things on the website for sale.
I leave Sienna downstairs with Staci while i go to the 3rd floor to put out the washing.
I get Staci & I a coke, we chat and she feeds Sienna. I carry on with some more work. The washing machine is done so i put in on to dry.
I'm hungry, Staci has Sienna while i make and eat an omelette. Sienna is tired so Staci puts her in her cot for a nap.
Staci goes, I carry on with more work. 
Sienna wakes, i go and get her and bring her downstairs, change her nappy & we have an hour or so of playtime. I make her laugh and she has some time in her car.
Sienna decides she is hungry. I make her bottle and feed her. She doesn't drink it all.
Sienna has tummy time while i do a bit of work but she doesn't like it too much so i pick her up again. The washing in the tumble dryer beeps.
Sienna is having a little grizzle, i think its her teeth so i give her some ambasol and calpol and let her chew some toys for a little bit while cuddling her. I try to give her the rest of her bottle, she still leaves about 2oz.
I remember the dryer beeped a while a go and Sienna seems a bit happier so i give her another bit of tummy time while i quickly pull it out. It's not dry so i take half out and put it back on for an hour. I do her nappy. More play time with Sienna, i try my hardest to get a giggle. 
Her t-shirt is covered in dribble so i change her into her pjs. We have lots of cuddles before daddy gets home and its his turn.
She takes another ounce and falls asleep on me.
I lay her on the sofa and do a little bit of work before Warren is home. I put the kettle on.
Warren gets home. I show him what i've been working on. 
The dryer beeps again, i switch the loads.
Sienna wakes up to see Daddy. I start dinner.
Still waiting for dinner, Daddy is singing with Sienna.
We eat dinner. I carry on with work while Sienna has Daddy time.
Hollyoaks!! I'm still working on my wood & drinking green tea.
Daddy does bottle while sienna is having a little nap.
Sienna decides she is hungry again but we have no clean bottles, they are currently sterilising. BAD PARENTS!
Staci arrives with banoffee pie, yay!
We eat banoffee pie and coffee.
I finally stop working on my products for the business & start tidying up a bit. Sienna won't go to bed, but i am determined to keep trying now she is getting really grizzly.
Sienna goes down without a peep. I swap the loads in the dryer for the last time. Woop! Time to chill.
We go to bed to watch one born every minute.

Ahh such a busy day! Please note this isn't what it's like EVERY day, but this is at least twice a week when i have everything to do. Normally a Monday after the weekend. I just constantly have things to do, it is a lot busier now i have the business but i love it and i'm working hard to make it work.

Do you have days like this?


  1. Loved this post. Interesting to see what lies ahead for me! And yay you still managed to fit Hollyoaks in, this makes me happy! :-)

    Bump to Baby

  2. I love this post!
    Busy busy lady!!!

  3. This sounds just like my days, but now I have a newborn an 18 month old and work to squeeze in! Eeeek! It makes you realise how much we do though. L x