Sunday 10 February 2013

Website of the Week 1!

So i saw this series on Alessia's blog and thought it was such a good idea! We al love a bargain so why not share our favourite bargainous websites?!

My first one is everything5pounds

Now i will admit, some things are hit & miss, it's mainly only some of the shoes and odd pieces of clothing that i would buy, but for £5 some of the shoes look amazing. I haven't ordered from them soon so don't know about delivery prices or quality of the items but I am planning on stocking up on shoes/boots/sandals soon and will definitely do a post regarding these points!

Here's a few of my top picks!

Have you tried this website? What's your favourite bargain websites?


  1. I have bought a few things from everything5pounds and I have been nicely surprised with everything so far! I bought a nice pair of wedged shoes and they look £30 rather then £5. Bargain!

  2. ive seen this website through facebook but thought it was a bit hit and miss at the time but the shoes look nice so i might check it out again