Friday 15 February 2013

Avon Peeling & Brittleness Solver

Throughout the winter, my nails just get so bad. I don't know if it's the cold weather or what but something just starts making them peel and break like its in fashion. I'm hastily willing the summer to come and so started trying to get my nails in some kind of shape. Summer without beautiful, bright painted nails is a no go. 

I was going to buy the infamous Nail Envy, but I saw Avon's Peeling & Brittleness Solver when they had their sale on, (i think it was around £6) and thought i would try this first.

I've only been using it about 2 weeks but my nails have improved a lot. No more peeling or breaking and they are getting stronger. I also love how shiny this makes my nails, they look good with only this on. It also dries really quickly which is a must have with a 3 month old! The only thing is the really strong smell, which i guess is expected from any nail polish treatment, this one just seemed to really stand out to me but that might just be my mummy hormones still lurking around! 

Now i can look forward to wearing my pastels in spring and the brights in summer!

Whats your favourite nail treatment? Have you used this?

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