Tuesday 29 January 2013

Favourite Winter Body Products!

Jergens Skin firming lotion, S&G Smoothie star, Palmer's skin therapy oil, S&G heel genius, Garnier summerbody, S&G Sugar crush scrub.

I love to have a good pamper on a cold winter night, get all cosy on the sofa in my pjs and relax with a nice, hot cup of tea! These products help me get my body in tip top shape ready for the warmer months ahead.

These 3 are my general all over body products. The Sugar Crush scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, i massage this into DRY skin and then shower off to get the best results. It leaves a great layer of moisture for everyday from the oil but I follow this with the Smoothie Star moisturiser if i want extra special soft silky skin. The Garnier summerbody is used all throughout the year to just give me a nice sunkissed glow, i hate being too pale. 

These are my more 'problem specific' products. The Jergens is excellent if you have a special event/occassion coming up and just want everything to feel a little more toned and tightened. It's not a wonder product but after a few days, i can really feel a difference, particularly in my bust and thigh areas. The Palmer's Skin therapy oil i am currently using 3 times a day in order to try and rid my stretch marks from pregnancy! They are fading slowly, but the vitamin E in this has improved my elasticity in the skin on my stomach and doesn't look so wrinkly and 'post baby'. Last but by no means least, the heel genius is exactly that. Genius. When i saw this has fruit acids in, i knew it would be amazing and i would love it. I apply this to my feet for about an hour before i do a pedicure and the result is super soft, smooth feet. A luxury to have in the winter! 

What are your favourite winter products?