Friday 7 December 2012

My OOTDs!!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of blogging this week but now Warren is back at work, time is tight during the day! I am trying to catch up and keep things going but it is hard, Sienna has been extra grizzly this week as well which hasn't helped! 

I just wanted to share with you my new videos of my OOTDs! I know they aren't the best quality but they enable me to get a video up quickly as i film and upload all from my phone without any editing, which is perfect for me when i'm busy! 

At the moment i have managed 3, but look out for more :) I hope you enjoy these!

What are your fav type of videos to watch?

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  1. I love your style!
    Hope you & Sienna are keeping well

  2. Great photos!