Monday 26 November 2012

Stone Bridge Power Hair Clip!*

Having long hair is not very convenient when you have a newborn. Changing nappies, feeding and holding them can become a battle of little hands getting wrapped and caught in mummy's hair! 

Stone Bridge Hair Accessories have the perfect luxury clips, claws and clamps to help us solve this. 

What they say...
"We know you like to take care of your hair, so we look for products that are gentle on your hair and make you look good. The majority of our hair accessories are manufactured by small, family-owned French or Italian companies for beautiful everyday luxury. Some are hand-forged in England and others have been hand-stitched in Canada or the United States by designers whose work appears in Hollywood films and major international television series. Every hair accessory you buy from us has been through the hands of someone who cares passionately about hair accessories. Not shoes. Not handbags. Not costume jewellery. Just hair accessories.

Every single one will make your hair look gorgeous, whether you are directing a meeting or meeting for a drink. If it doesn't, you can send it back. No questions asked."

I was kindly sent The Power Hair Clip in 'Mother of Pearl'* RRP £47.00. 

I love the style of this clip, the mother of pearl is gorgeous and i love the shape, it's a little bit different to all the other hair clips i have! It's definitely more pleasing to the eye than those plastic brown clamps we all use! It is nickel free and very light weight so stays in the hair a lot better because it doesn't weigh it down. The teeth really grip to your hair and the spring is strong so again making it feel very secure! As you can see, it comes in this red drawstring bag which adds to the luxury of the hair clip, making it feel a little more special to any other.

Do you have a favourite hair clip/accessory?

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  1. this looks fab! deffinitley needed with a young baby haha x