Wednesday 14 November 2012

My pregnancy style!! (without buying maternity clothes!)

Now my pregnancy is over, i am so excited to *hopefully* soon be able to wear more fashionable clothes. It is hard to look/feel good when you're pregnant, i struggled with not wanting frumpy maternity clothes, but needing clothes that fitted properly and were comfortable around my bump.

I was looking through my pregnancy photos & thought i'd put together a little style guide.

Of course at the beginning, you can wear your normal clothes, depending on how quickly you grow. I found the hardest part week 14 to week 25/26 as i felt i just looked bloated and chubby rather than actually pregnant! To get a noticeable bump that didn't need any questions felt good!

Here's my tips for pregnancy style without spending loads on maternity clothes!

Leggings have been a must have from the beginning, it can be hard to adjust to growing a bump and leggings are so comfortable and versatile. I wore them with strappy tops & flip flops when it was warmer and tunics & boots now its colder. I got mine from H&M for £10 and they have been the best quality, and they are thicker than most leggings i have found so they never go see-through even when you stretch as you get bigger. Knitted coloured leggings have also been good now it's super cold just with long tops & cardigans as above.

I found belting under the bust most helpful, it did put more emphasis on the 'bump' from the side, but that helps you look more pregnant than just bloated and made me feel a bit better!

These stretchy skirts have been amazing, i haven't even needed to buy a bigger size, i just fold down the front under my bump and it is still pretty comfortable. My size 10 still fits me at full term, i wore it last weekend for halloween! 

Using the hair band trick let me wear my skirts & jeans for longer! It allows just that extra inch or so of room! 

blouses have also been a god send for me, this leopard print one i have worn SO much, again it still fits me at full term, i wore it today! I have worn this casually like this and also with small heels/boots and a blazer to look more done up if we were going out!

When we had the warmest weather, i LIVED in these, particularly maxi skirts! They were so comfortable and cool but still didn't look too frumpy or out of fashion. 

The only flattering dresses are A-line type dresses and ones that are quite figure hugging/tight so you don't look like you're wearing a tent. The first 2 i wore to 2 weddings we had while and the 3rd one is just a casual one from primark i wore a lot. 

and failing all these, you can always just admire your growing bump in your PJs! ;)

If you are pregnant congratulations and i hope you found this somewhat useful! :)


  1. Cute picks! Lovely mommy :)

  2. Great post, I think I'm going to be living in leggings & my stretchy skirt along with tunics. I've only bought a couple of cheep primark tops in a bigger size, as I don't want to spend money on Maternity clothes, it's so expensive! I'm off to try find a dress to wear for special occasions soon, and don't want a maternity dress.