Friday 19 October 2012

The Perfect Autumn/Winter Blush!

RRP £7.29

Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to switch up your make-up, opting for warmer tones. This Lily Lolo mineral blusher is my absolute favourite and i always pull it out around this time of year. 

It's the perfect 'rosy' colour as the name suggests and gives you that warmth and almost 'flushed' look, as though you've been in the crisp, cold air. It has the tiniest flecks of gold shimmer in which acts as a highlight aswell, it looks gorgeous when the light catches it. It is SO pigmented but you can blend it out so it's not so noticeable for the daytime and add more for an evening look.

The formulation of these is so soft and blends amazingly, they are such good quality and this pot will last you forever as you need the tiniest amount. An absolute must have for the Autumn/Winter in my books! 

What blush are you loving at the moment? Are you going to try this? 


  1. This looks so pretty, thanks for sharing :) x

  2. I love this post.Will you let me know when you publish new one? I can't wait to see it. :)

    maybe we can follow each other?
    let me know,I always follow back :)

  3. This looks lovely! I normally swerve towards the blusher balls though because they tend to be less harsh on my unusually pale face!
    JS xx