Monday 29 October 2012

'All About Beauty' Box!*

"All About Beauty Boxes differ from the usual beauty box in that we do not send you an array of samples but full size health and beauty products which we source for you from around the world. Being part of the All About Beauty Club allows you to experience these brands which are very popular in their country of origin before they hit the shores of the UK. Delivered directly to your door each month is a box of beauty not a beautiful box!

Our boxes are designed specifically for people with a keen interest in skincare (face & body) who want to know all about beauty around the world, we don't believe they are suitable for anyone who wants a box of samples each month, the All About Beauty Club provides all members with full size products. 

This month we have travelled to Italy and found two exciting skincare brands "Kipos", a very well respected brand from Turin, Italy and fore runner in the advanced technology of vegetal stem cell stem for use in skincare, and "Dr Lauranne", award winning skincare company from Rome whose products are the life work of Dr Laura Anna Lampa, growing from just one product in 1971 to become one of the most prestigious brands in Italy. 

Our gift to you is a cute little oil burner which can add to the ambience of any room, make sure you always keep the cup topped up with water when burning and never leave to burn when you are not around. 

If you love the products, you can of course as a member of All About Beauty, purchase at a full 25% discount online at

We will be travelling far and wide in our search for the latest in beauty and skincare just for you including, France, Jordan, Spain Japan, Switzerland and Egypt to mention a few. Always on the hunt for exciting products on your behalf, and all for just £15 a month!


The products;

'Nourishing/Whitening Cream with Carnitin and kojic acid, for a regular exfoliating process'

'A cleansing, moisturising milk, enriched with Vitamins A, E and Thermal Trace elements providing a delicate but deep skin cleansing, removing all traces of make-up and impurities leaving the skin soft and velvety. For all skin types, including sensitive ones.'

'An alcohol free tonic, moisturizing, enriched with minerals, refreshing and softening the skin. Also used as a face pack. For all skin types.'

'...its antiradical-free and anti-pollution action protecting the skin from the eternal damage...substances contained in this formula contribute to stimulating the immune system of the skin, controlling cellular activity and regenerating damaged cells. Also for sensitive skins.'

When i first received this box, i was initially disappointed. It isn't as pretty or nicely packaged as all the other beauty boxes around and because the products are from all around the world, i had never heard of them which is less exciting than receiving products you know are good or have a lot of 'hype' around them.

However, reading the letter that came in the box, that isn't the idea of this box. This box is purely for the products and mainly skincare. The products are full size which is a plus to this box, sometimes with samples you don't really get chance to try the products, especially skincare samples. 

The box didn't come with much information about the products and with having sensitive/acne prone skin, i was dubious at wether i should try them or if my skin would react badly. 

After doing some research, my opinion decided to change and they seem like great products that are more 'scientific' to really help change the skin rather than just smelling/looking nice and not doing much. They also said they were suitable for sensitive skin, dermatalogically tested and hypoallergenic. This put my mind at ease and i decided to try out the Kipos skincare last night, so far so good and no allergic reaction but i will continue to use it and review it properly in a few weeks!

Overall, i'm excited about the products as i personally LOVE skincare and being a beauty therapist, i love the science behind them and learning about new brands. However, the girly side of me does wish the packaging of the products and box was a little prettier, i think it would be much more appealing! I also think the name 'All about beauty' is maybe a bit misleading as they say it's more about skincare. I also think the products should come with a little more information, seeing as they are not well known in the UK.

I think the concept of this box is great but not quite 'there' yet. The full size products gets a big tick from me and the price is great considering this too! I'm not sure where the Let's Bake magazine fits into the beauty box though, but then again more and more blogs are sneaking in the baking/recipe posts, me included, so maybe it fits a little bit?

What do you think of this concept? Would you be interested in something like this?


  1. I do like the look of the products you got sent in the box but I agree it's a bit dissapointing the presentation isn't better. That really adds to the 'treat' factor you know?


  2. This is a great idea. It's good to be able to try products you would normally not have much access to or even hear about! x

  3. I have never heard of these boxes :) They seem amazing!! :)

  4. This looks great! Not heard of this box before x

  5. Hi. I see that you cover baking and beauty on your blog so the Bake magazine was perfect for you? Perhaps they tailored it to you? ;-) Your review is informative.