Saturday 13 October 2012

A small haul!

Alas, i have finally been accepted for maternity pay after weeks of letters back and forth! This means i have a little money each week to treat myself (& the baby when he/she comes along!). I haven't bought anything new for months so i planned a shopping spree with my mum, although, it's always the same, when you have money, you can never find anything you like/want! I had a list as long as my arm and either couldn't find what i was looking for or it didn't suit me/look nice. Typical!

Finding clothes at the moment is extremely tricky. I can't really buy clothes for post partum as i wont know what size i will be and i don't want to buy too much now and it all looks like a tent when i lose my bump! 

I did pick up this one top from primark for only £6. I love the khaki & gold colours together and think the crosses are a little more my style than the skulls that are in trend at the moment. I got a size 10 and didn't expect it to fit me now but it does just skim over my bump. I am wearing it today but i also think it will look nice straight after the birth as well for the few weeks i still have a bit of a tummy! 

I also picked up this purse from primark for just £4! I thought it looked quite sophisticated & it's smaller than my last one so hopefully i can't fit as much junk in it and it won't be so heavy! I need to start down sizing for when i have a load of baby things to carry around too! 

I also randomly picked up these 2 items when i was waiting in the queue. I'm intrigued to see how good the nail foils are for only £1! 

This necklace will definitely make a statement with a plain top and was a bargain in the BHS sale for just £1! I'm not usually one for gold jewellery but with my newly ombred hair and a sunkissed tan, i think it is working! 

These gold earrings were also in the BHS sale for only £1 and the silver ones were £2. I adore the silver ones and think they look a lot more expensive! 

I went to Superdrug to pursue the 'Undressed' palette from MUA, but they didn't have it in my store. They were offering a free lipgloss with the purchase of any MUA eyeshadow palette so i picked up the 'Heaven & Earth' palette anyway and will order the Undressed one online! 

Although it wasn't a particularly successful shopping trip, i love everything i got so it wasn't a wasted trip! I'm probably going to save up my pennies and do a big shopping spree after i've had the baby when hopefully i am near enough back in shape and can look half decent!


  1. lovely top, like the jewellery to:) x

  2. I've just discovered your blog, and I love it! I am also pregnant, so I have been watching your youTube videos. :)

    Alex xo

  3. such a nice haul *_* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  4. great haul, i love the first top :)

  5. great haul, i love the khaki top :)

  6. likeee your blog,
    keep posting the good work!!


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    Love you're blog, follow u! :)
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  8. I really like your purse..:)
    Have a beautiful day!