Wednesday 10 October 2012

99p Store Beauty Bargains!

We all love finding a bargain and you don't get much cheaper than 99p. Pound stores have been doing beauty products for a while, but i have only recently seen them doing brand names near where i live. Wether or not these are genuine products is another topic altogether, but the ones i have picked up, i am happy with so i thought i would share them!

I got these 3 Maybelline express finish polishes, 895 Black Onyx, 70 Mod Mauve and 170 Crimson.

3 Revlon polishes 410 Endless possibilities, 011 Sheer Rose and 863 Ruby Ribbon.

I then got 3 lip products, they were just too good to pass up! Revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze in 505 Neverending nude, Rimmel vinyl gloss in 122 Read my lips and Rimmel Royal gloss in 611 Sugar glaze.

Now, this isn't a branded polish, but i had to include it. It's the most amazing gold glitter polish and the picture doesn't do it justice! It was a little thick and i had to use some thinner to be able to use it so it isn't the best quality, but at least it was only 99p!

I 'Instagrammed' my nails the other day, i used the Revlon Ruby Ribbon because it is the PERFECT fall/autumn colour! It is a matte effect but i'm not keen on that finish, so i used 2 topcoats to give it extra shine! The only bonus is it dried a lot quicker than non matte finishes! 

Then last night i decided to jazz them up a bit with the gold glitter and i am in love! You could just do one accent nail if you wanted but i got a bit carried away in sparkle heaven and did them all! 

They are just amazing and pretty show stopping i think! It adds a bit of glam even if you're wearing pjs!  I can't wait to try the glitter out for some glitzy christmas nails! Eeeee!!!

I have tried all the polishes out and from what i can tell, the quality is just as good as the genuine brands! Sometimes the colours are a bit hit and miss in the stores but when you get some good ones, they are such bargains!

Have your found any bargains in the 99p/£1 stores?

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  1. Wow they are sparkly! Very nice.
    New follower.. Looking forward to November for you!

    Beki x

  2. Those Revlon shades are lovely!

    Lana, xo

  3. Oh my god. Right that's it I'm going on a 99p/Pound shop spree tomorrow. xx