Monday 10 September 2012

Skin & Stretch Mark Oil!

When woman all around the world first find out they are pregnant, i guarantee one of the first products they go out and buy is a stretch mark product, wether it be an oil or cream from one of the many brands out there.

I have tried a few over the last 8 months and before i tried any, i thought i 'knew' that i hated oils. Wether it's stretch mark oils, facial oils, body oils... i really dislike the feel of oil on my skin. 

On a whim, i picked up Wilkinson's Skin & Stretch Mark Oil, to use in my baths rather than apply to my skin. I find this a good way of keeping my skin moisturised without applying it directly. 

When i used this in my bath, i loved it instantly! It's a little thicker and drier than other oils i have used and smells lovely. It's floral but not over powering and is a welcome change from all the sweet cocoa butter smells you normally get. Because it is drier than other oils, i can also use this directly on my bump before bed and it seems to sink in well and doesn't leave me wanting to wash it off.

At only £1.99 for 75ml, it's one of the cheapest oils i have used, but also by far my favourite!

WARNING: When using any type of oil in the bath, be cautious when getting in and out as it will make the bath extremely slippery. Take even more care if you are pregnant! 

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