Saturday 23 June 2012

20 Week Scan & Baby Check List!

So this is our 20 week scan update video with our 20 week scan photos and my bump shot!!

I saw this checklist on Lucy's Blog and thought it was a good idea so i altered it to see what else we have to get, which is alot!

Squishy's Checklist: 

Moses Basket
Moses Basket Mattress
Moses Basket Stand
Moses Basket Sheets & Blankets
Cot Mattress
Cot Bedding and Sheets
Cot Mobile
Nursery/Feeding Chair & Stool
Baby Monitors
Temperature Thermometer
Travel System Pram (Including car seat, changing bag, rain cover, cosy toes)
Baby Bottles
Breast Pump
Breast Pads
Nursing Bras
Nursing Pillow
Lots of Muslin Cloths!
Changing Mat
Cotton Wool
Nappy Bags
Nappies - Newborn size 1
Nappies - Newborn size 2
Baby wipes
Baby bath
Bathing products
Baby care kit
Towels with hoods
Baby Sponge
Baby Gym/Play Mat
Baby Bouncer
Baby Record Book


Vests/Baby grows

I also wanted to do a comparison of my body before i was pregnant and then now to see how much i've grown! It's not that easy to notice with weekly pictures.

So before; (i was about 6 weeks but hadnt changed)

Now; at 20 weeks! 

Definitely grown a little bump! I cant wait to see when i'm nearing 40 weeks! 

Baby scan photos;

Does anyone else think i have anything to get that i've missed off the list?

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1 comment:

  1. I thought i recognised that check list :P ha ha. Glad it could come to some use, i have found it very handy! Defiantly keeps me up-to-date with what i need to buy etc.

    Also you have a very cute bump! :) xx