Thursday 31 May 2012

OOTD! 17 weeks pregnant!

Sorry for being MIA on this blog for wayy too long! Pregnancy took over my life and i have really been suffering from morning sickness! I still have some really rough days but they're getting fewer and far between, thank god! I've been thinking of doing some pregnancy vlogs about my experience as it's crazy, i feel like a completely different person in many ways and it hasn't been a pleasant experience for me until now!

The weather has been SOO lovely this/last week and I've had a bit of a better time with the sickness so I've started getting my passion back for fashion & make-up, rather than dying on the sofa and not giving a cr*p! 

Yesterday, i really liked my outfit so thought i'd share it :)

I didn't so much with my hair apart from shove it in a high bun but i was in a bit of a rush! I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant but i don't have that much of a bump, so i don't feel the need to 'show it off' as such and haven't had to buy any maternity clothes yet! 
 I did add the belt to give me some shape and the cardigan for a pop of colour, as well as MACs All about town lipstick to tie in the pinks and brighten me up! On my feet, i just wore some leopard print dollies!

Leggings have been my go to staple since being pregnant and they're so comfy so don't cut into my little bump when i sit or bend over! These ones are from H&M and were a little more expensive that the ones i usually get but are much thicker and better quality than those of say primark! They're much better coverage for those old legs!

What have been your staples lately?

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