Sunday 26 February 2012

Project Perfect!

Amy from Flaws and All contacted me a while ago on her Project Perfect posts she had set up, after seeing Gok's Teens: The naked truth. I also watched the show and could relate to it, i had a lot of body issues when i was younger that led to me extreme dieting/binging/purging. When i read what Amy wanted to do i was more than happy to participate for this amazing cause!

Here's what you have to do;

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

My photo of myself i like;

I like it because i like my long hair and how small my waist looks!

Three things i don't like about myself but others may like.
1. I have biggish thighs/hips compared to my waist but i have friends that would love to be more 'womanly'.
2. I don't like my eyes, i wish they were bigger and more round and green/blue but some girls would love the have deep brown eyes.
3. I'm only 5'4 and sometimes wish i was a bit taller like 5'7, but i know girls who are taller and don't like wearing heels because then they are too tall.

Three things i like about myself.
1. I'm lucky that my tummy has mainly been quite flat and i do have a small waist.
2. I've always liked my lips as they are quite big and plump!
3. I've always liked my boobs, even though at school i was self conscious about having bigger boobs, i am grateful for them now, i don't have to shell out a lot of money for a boob job! 

If you want to participate then go ahead and do a blog post! Just tweet Amy to let her know! :)

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