Sunday 20 November 2011

Lipstick love & a lipstick dupe!

This week, i've been loving pink lips and in particular, this combination!

Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in 707 'Petal pink' and L'oreal glam shine lipgloss in 171 'Sheer pink'.

The Clarins lip glosses are so glossy and feel so lovely on the lips, the pigmentation is amazing too, they don't really need lipgloss unless you want to add a shimmer or you want EXTRA glossy lips.

The L'oreal glam shine's are a great formulation too and packed with sparkle. This pink is perfect for the ultimate girlie girl who loves pink, glossy, sparkly lips! Paired with the lipstick, i think it makes the perfect muted/dusty rose colour!

They work perfected together, the lipstick tones down the 'pinkness' of the gloss and the gloss just adds a little bit more colour to the lipstick to stand out that tiny bit more.

A great dupe for Clarins lipsticks are MUA's lipsticks.

With flash

Without flash

Top; MUA shade 6,
Bottom; Clarins Petal pink.

 I didn't dupe these for the colours, but actually the formulation. These colours do look pretty similar here but the MUA lipstick is actually quite a bit darker than the Clarins. The texture of these are very similar and you would never know there is a £15.50 price difference at all! They both feel so creamy on the skin/lips and feel very moistursing and they both have great pigmentation. The MUA even has similar packaging to the Clarins and they both smell nice! These are a great steal and dupe for the Clarins lipsticks for only £1! I will be stocking up in every colour!

What have you been wearing on your lips this week?

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