Tuesday 11 October 2011

Soap & Glory Super eyes Super eyes moisturising eye gel!

So as i'm approaching the grand age of 21 next year, i though it was time to add an eye cream into my routine. I've used different ones on and off but never included one permanently in my abundance of lotions and potions.

I had a browse on the internet for what was relatively cheap and popular but that also seemed to do it's job. I came across Soap & Glory's Super eyes Super eyes moisturising eye gel. I read many of the great reviews on the boots website and at only £9, i thought i'd give it a shot as my first eye cream. 

What it says;

''Soap & Glory Supereyes, Supereyes™ Moisturising Eye Gel 15ml is possibly the world’s most effective instant firming eye moisture gel. By deploying our exclusive SWIFTLIFT™ technology, it reduces visible wrinkles almost immediately and fights fine lines long-term too.

It's What’s inside Soap & Glory Supereyes, Supereyes Moisturising Eye Gel that counts?
  • A Swiss Snake–Venom simulating age fighting Tripeptide complex – to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles by inhibiting the micro-contractions on the surface of the skin. A collagen-stimulating tripeptide to firm and regenerate
  • SWIFTLIFT™ technology , our instant skin tightener
  • Micronised light-reflecting pigments that instantly camouflage fine lines and wrinkles
  • Caffeine – it depuffs your thighs, so why not use it on your eyes?" source.

Being a gel, this is perfect for mornings. It's very lightweight, sinks in easily and it does seem to have the immediate skin tightening effect. Result! I tend to get some puffiness on my brow bone and it does help reduce that in the mornings as well. 

This super eye gel does have the light reflecting pigments too, it has that pearlescent glow that is very beautiful, but very hard to capture with inadequate camera. These photos are my attempt to show the purple haze that shows through! Click to enlarge all photos!

However, you can see it better when i put it onto my skin. There are little beads of sunshine that burst when patted/rubbed in the skin to create a brightening, refreshed look. Once again, i apologise for the quality, but you can just about see the tracks of glitter left by the burst of the beads!

This glitter is very undetectable when under the eyes so don't worry, you won't look like a disco ball in the natural daylight! Make-up glides over smoothly and doesn't cake or crease during the day. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy, just light and refreshing and it does it's job very well!

I'd definitely recommend this eye gel if you're younger or starting out with eye creams and if you don't necessarily have wrinkles or fine lines, just a few small, superficial dehydration lines and want to look brighter and more awake!

This is the first Soap & glory skincare product i have tried and i'm excited to try more! I've already put them on my christmas list ;)

Have you tried this eye cream? What's your favourite soap & glory product?


  1. Great review, I really struggle finding an eye cream that is what I expect it to be, I'll definitely be giving this a go!


  2. is the snake venom ingredient for real? lol
    im tempted to get this!