Thursday 11 August 2011

Chantelle's bootcamp DVD; A review!

So, i've been itching for a new workout DVD for a while, my Vicky Binns still gets me all sweaty, but i never feel it in my muscles the day after, they're too used to it. So Chantelle's Bootcamp seemed the perfect thing to switch it up a bit. It had good reviews on amazon and for only £2.99, you can't lose!

I watched it through once and my first thoughts were 'It seems boring, the trainer isn't very motivational and it looks pretty easy.'

It's split into 8 sections;
-A Warm up,
-Mobilising joints & Pre Stretch,
-Lower Body,
-Upper Body,
-Upper/Lower Combo,
-Cardio Blast,
-Abs & Core,
-Warm down & stretch.

Well, i came home yesterday and i decided to try it out. I was expecting to be bored, not feel my muscles doing anything and turn it off half way through.. I was wrong!

Warm up.
The warm up is more like a cardio section! It consists of things like marching, jogging, high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks. Each move is done for approximately 1 minute. It does get your warm and sweating from the word go, your heart rate is up and pumping. You do get a bit bored doing the same move for 1 minute which is what i found throughout the whole DVD, but the moves work, so you just gotta get through it!

Mobilising joints & Pre Stretch.
This is the 'i thought this would be easy' section.
It starts with big arm circles forward and back, then smaller arm circles forward and back and your shoulders burn! Thats the hard work over, then you loosen up your spine with more twists, neck and hip rotations.

Lower Body.
This i definitely felt! I usually tend not to 'tone' my legs as much with squats, lunges etc because i fear it will 'bulk' my thighs up rather than slim them, but i decided to give this a go. Its basically just a lot of lunges, squats, and a move i like to call the 'scissors' (basically jumping lunges).

Upper Body.
I must admit, i never work my arms. In all my workout DVDs, i skip the arm sections and i'm so weak, my arms just die! The same happened with this section, but i did try my hardest! I think i manages about 20 sections of each move, but i'm going to keep trying until i can do it all! This is your typical arm moves with bottles of water (i used 1.5kg weights) such as verhead shoulder presses, side and front lateral raises, standing chest fly, bicep curls etc. This was the hardest section for me and geese was i sweating!! But today, i don't feel my arms, i feel my legs!

Upper & Lower Body.
Squats with overhead press, side lunges with side lateral raises, lunges with bicep curls, this section has it all! You really start feeling it here and you start burning those calories by working the biggest muscles in the body. Phew!

Cardio Blast.
The trainer says this is based on interval training, by a slow jog, then speed it up and repeat, then go to press ups and then repeat a couple times. I didn't really enjoy this as i was already way too hot and my arms were killing, i skipped most of this part!

Abs & Core.
This was just the plank, side planks and sit ups. All of which i don't find work much, so i did my abs section from my Vicky bins DVD as this is the only thing i've found actually works my abs well!

Cool down & stretch.
This was ok, a bit boring and basically the stretches you did at the beginning, If you just have this DVD it would be good and definitely work, but i did the cool down from my Hannah Waterman DVD as i prefer it. I like to mix and match to customise my workout for me, so i enjoy it a little more :)

Overall, i think this is a good DVD, especially to incorporate some strength training/weights into your routine! Excellent for toning and you really feel it. The trainer isn't very motivational and Chantelle doesn't really speak and does some moves wrong, i just forget about her! You probably need to motivate yourself through this one!

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  1. I love home workouts to follow along too! This sounds like a great DVD but I think I like workout videos better when they really motivate myself to push harder and encourage me! Glad you like it!