Friday 29 July 2011

July Favourites & Eyeshadow as highlighter!

I just uploaded my July favourites video, and the one product that has really stuck out for me this month is the Clinique eyeshadow duo in 'Strawberry fudge'.

A gorgeous pink with gold running through and a brown with pink running through. The brown is gorgeous and i think the pinky tones really bring out the warmth in my eyes as they're really dark brown.

The pink is a whole other story.
When swatched it is mainly the gold, not pink, that is visible.

The mixture of the two is what persuaded me to try it as a blush/highlight, on the cheeks.
The result? Amazing. I've been wearing everyday this week and choosing it over my benefit high beam.

This is the brown eyeshadow on my eyes and the pink as a highlight. They both tie in really well to give a pretty daytime look. You can build both of these up for night time look aswell, perfect for a quick day to night make-up change if you don't have much time.

Here's my whole July favourites.

What product have you used as something different, to what it's meant to be?


  1. Oh I love how it looks as a highlighter!x

  2. I like that brown shadow with the hint of pink! Super pretty and I like your idea of layering it even more for a night time look!