Thursday 9 June 2011

St Moriz Self Tanning Mist!!

A couple of week ago, i ran out of my trusty St Tropez mousse! I thought it was time to try the infamous St Moriz and compare them (swell as save a little money!) At only £2.99 each, i decided to get both the mousse and the mist. I will review the mousse in another post.

Instant Self Tanning Mist:
Now i applied this by just spraying over my whole body, however, it DID go patchy. I decided to get the boyfriend to help, he enthusiastically started spraying me and then using latex gloves, rubbing the tan in so it covered more evenly. I will admit that whilst he was doing it, i was thinking it was a disaster and i should have just got St Tropez! However, once i was covered, it didn't look that patchy and looked VERY dark, i thought it might not be as bad as i thought it was going to be!

Here are my pics straight after application!

without flash

with flash

I did purposes get a tan line to show you, just for this review! I'm not that bad at tanning... ;)

You can see the difference, i was scared because it was darker than any self tan i've had before, but when i woke up and washed it off, i was pleasantly surprised! It left a gorgeous deep BROWN colour, no orange to be seen! It looks so natural and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I have bought 3 lots more already because i'm scared to run out!

The only thing i can say is if this is the fair/medium tan, i wonder how dark the DARK one is!

This is the finished result of my tan, nice and brown :)

-value for money,
-even coverage
-fades evenly
-deep BROWN, no orange,
-slight smell, not overpowering,
-can easily be layered.

-can be messy to apply, goes everywhere
-needs to be rubbed in.

Overall, this is my favourite fake tan yet!!


  1. Wow this looks amazing!! Thanks for the review, I really want to try this but think it would be a bit too dark for me!!
    x x

  2. wow and thats what i called tanned girl! phwoar! looks nice tho :) ive never tryed the spray before may be temepeted to try it now tho :) xxx

  3. Hello, thankyou for the comment on my blog - I was a little curious as to how you found my blog - especially as you seemed to use it purely as an opportunity to promote your business!
    Nice to meet another Bristol blogger : )

  4. thank you for the review! The tan looks very good on you!

  5. Wow, that looks so dark from the first pictures, but so so good in the final one! It's a fantastic colour on you.

  6. did it not streak then? i find it so hard to get a spray tan that doesn't streak, so I use the st moriz mousse! new follower, check my blog out? :)