Friday 24 June 2011

New CID cosmetics!*

I've seen a few blog posts about this make-up range, but not a whole lot on it. I thought i would try it out as we all love new make-up ranges and seeing how they compare to our favourites!

I was sent two products, the i-gloss and the i-smoulder.

First impressions was i loved them, and my boyfriend thought the light up gloss was he 'coolest bit of make-up he'd ever seen'. Well, what better praise can you get than that?

A few ranges have produced this concept of the built in light and mirror, but i've never purchased/tried one. It is a good, practical idea, especially for women on the go or those who like to party, this has already become a staple in the depths of my hand bag. The gloss is gorgeous, a really nice pale pink called 'tickled pink'. The formulation is lovely and the applicator is great, it glides onto the lip without being sticky and gives a wonderful shine.

However, the product i love the most is the i-smoulder. I was sent it in the colour 01 Ember which reminds me a lot of MACs Satin taupe, that being my favourite colour, i was bound to love this!

It has two ends and so in theory is a 2-in-1 product, again great for busy people and for on the go!

This end is the eyeliner. I couldn't capture the shape very well but it's a very angled eyeliner with a flat edge, a similar shape to the mac 266 brush. It makes a great shape to actually apply to the top and lower lashes and doesn't drag or scratch the eye area as it's more of a cream than a pencil. It is in a very regular dark brown to compliment the colouring of the shadow when used together.

The other end is where the eyeshadow is kept, there's a sponge applicator which then screws into a little 'pot' full of eyeshadow. Therefore, when you open the product up, the eyeshadow is already on the applicator ready and waiting for you.

As for the colour, it is very similar to MACs Satin Taupe and i did some swatches to compare them, so you can get a good idea of this colour.

CID on the left, MAC on the right.

Here's a swatch of the lipgloss, shadow and liner altogether.

Overall, i have come to love this range. I think their products are a great concept and perfect for the modern woman who is busy and wants convenience, without having to compromise on looking gorgeous.

The i-gloss is priced at £16 and the i-smoulder at £18.50. They are available in a great range of current colours and there are so many products to explore in this range! Check their website out here.

What your favourite product from CID?

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