Monday 23 May 2011

LATE: Royal Wedding Celebrations!!

So this post is extremely overdue but i never even thought about sharing our celebrations with you!We had a great time over the royal wedding period! We put on our own party and everything, it was great :)

So on Friday 29th April, me and Warren went to his Auntie's. She was having a street party with lots of family and so we went along. We got all dressed up and watched the royal wedding at hers, then celebrated with food, drink and good conversation :)

Sorry about the pics, i had to copy them off Facebook!

The night after, on Saturday 30th, we 'hosted' a party. It was a really good night and a good turn out :) It was fancy dress, so again, i dressed up!

This was my dress i bought, to fit in with the 'wedding' theme, a coincidence it fitted in with the lace theme too ;)

I also had my Kate ring!

How did you celebrate the royal wedding?? What did you think of it?

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