Monday 4 April 2011


I've always worked with Jessica, whether that be at College training or in a Spa. I guess i've just become used to it and i've never really tried much from any other brands such as Orly or O.P.I.

These polishes are my favourites at the moment!

L-R Midnight moonlight, Happy Hour, Venus was her Name, Notorious.

Midnight moonlight and Notorious are darker wintery colours, however with a nice tan, i love them on the toes! These two are pretty much the only colours i wear on my toes! Notorious is definitely my most favourite at the moment. I love that from a distance it looks black, but close up or when the light hits it, it has red specs through it, so it's not so harsh as pure black.

Me and the hubby are off to Turkey in a few weeks, I think i'll be rocking Happy hour or Notorious in the turkish sun!

Whats your favourite nail polish brand? What colours do you love in the summer?

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