Tuesday 1 February 2011

Skincare routine; Back to Basics.

I'm just going to share with you my current skincare routine, i've stripped it down to the bare basics, with just cleansing and moisturising in the evenings.

CLEANSER: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish has been all over blogs at the moment and in a bid to fight the struggle against my skin, i decided to give it another try. I've used this once before and i did love it but for some reason, i moved on to try new things.

I bought it on a Saturday afternoon and by Wednesday my skin had already started clearing up! In the mornings, i just use 1 pump to cleanse and in the evenings i use 2 to massage into my make-up, remove with the cloth and then use 1 pump for a second cleanse.

EXFOLIATOR: After cleansing in the morning, i use my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I absolutely adore this product and don't think i could live without it! It's excellent for exfoliating but it gentle on the skin and leaves it super smooth and soft!

MORNING MOISTURISER: In the mornings, under my make-up, i'm still using the Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser. It makes a good base for my make-up and keeps the shine at bay for the whole day. I've noticed a real improvement cutting down the amount of products i use on my skin in the mornings.

SPOT TREATMENT: After using my Cleanse and Polish to double cleanse in the evenings, i use a spot treatment if i do tend to feel any spots under the surface. The one i've been using recently is Neutrogena's hydrating spot treatment.

What they say..."Ultra-light moisturing formula with Microclear helps clear spots. Skin clearer, soft and you have one less stress to deal with!" I definitely agree with this! It reduces the size, redness and pain of the spot but without drying the skin out around it.

MASK: I'm using my Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque a couple times a week just to give my skin a deep clean and help it feel less congested.

EVENING MOISTURISER: In the evenings, i've been using something a bit richer to give my skin the hydration it needs to repair itself at night. I've been using a combination of these 3 products.

Liz Earle skin repair for dry/sensitive skin, Simple replenishing moisturiser and Aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel has definitely helped soothe my skin and redness and started to heal my scars. The Liz Earle skin repair is an amazing moisturiser and feels rich on the skin but not greasy to give great hydration, i've only been using up this sample but might try the full size. I feel the Simple replenishing moisturiser is a cheaper dupe for it and great to use around the eyes.

This routine is really good for me at the moment, however, i would like to incorporate an eye cream/gel for dark circles and maybe an oil based pre-cleanser.

Any recommendations?


  1. Too bad Simple products are not available here in Quebec, they look interesting!

  2. thanks for the comment :) my mom has used dermalogica for YEARS. i never have because it can be pricey, but it sounds like it has great benefits! i need something different i think, so maybe i will give these a go!!

  3. I use Clean and Clear overnight repair--love it!!