Friday 14 January 2011

OOTD, day off & apartments viewings!

Hey lovelies!
I'm in a chirpy mood today, I've just finished a 50 min aerobics workout and it felt GREAT! I haven't worked out that hard in about half a year. This is just a bit of an update of my day yesterday, I had a day off (and i have today off, yay) and had a really good day! First off, i started with a big breakfast!
Because it was my day off, i woke up about an hour later than usual, and so i was a little bit more hungry than usual! I had a massive coffee with soya milk, a mix of cereals; cheerios and branflakes, with soya milk, sliced banana and a spoon of peanut butter. I also then had a slice of seeded bread with a light cheese triangle and low sugar blackcurrant jam. Mmmm!

I then just spent the morning doing housework, in my comfy clothes with no make-up on! It sounds boring but i'm never happier than when playing housewife, maybe it's a little sad?!
When i'd finished all my chores i showered and got ready for Warren to pick me up and go and look at some flats/apartments! This was my OOTD!
The weather's horrible here at the moment, it's not that cold but it's just raining heavily all the time! My boots were a must! These were from Newlook a few years ago, they're real leather and cost me £75. They're a gorgeous tan colour, a little darker than the picture gives off!

My silk scarf was a bargain from River Island in the sales! I got 2, but this seems to be the one i wear the most! It's a gorgeous pattern and i love the colours, it matches my boots well!

My jeans i've had for ages but never been able to fit into them! They're super fitted to my thighs and now the tree trunks are a little bit smaller, these actually look pretty good on me! I kept them because i was determined to fit into them one day, and i loved the button detail on the high waist!

Iw roe a coat obviously. It's new as well and i love it! I thought a longer coat would make me appear shorter, but this one is just the right length i think! It has a belt around the middle to pull me in a give a nice shape.
The flat viewings went pretty well, the one i thought would be my favourite through seeing pictures, was actually pretty horrible! The estate agent for that place asked us what we were looking for and then told us she had another one we could look at if we had a spare 1/2 an hour! We decided to go and take a look as we had nothing to lose and we both fell in love with it! I'm super happy, it's perfect for what we're looking for and there are no downsides about it at all. So fingers crossed everything goes well, i will update you when we know more! :)

While we were waiting for a viewing, Warren's boss rang him. He was meant to be flying to Germany but forgot his passport! We had to collect his passport from his house and then drive to meet him at Heathrow airport (2 hours away)! So we took a little road trip straight from the viewings! We were naughty and grabbed a mcdonalds on the way..
A treat once in a while is good for you ;)
I also uploaded a new vlog yesterday of our trip to asda at midnight!

I've also started my beauty channel back up and recorded this haul! Enjoy.

Hope you're having a good Friday!


  1. what a fabulous day off! Good food and fun. Oh, and I love that outfit. The scarf is gorgeous!

  2. yummy mcdonalds! boots are lovely x

  3. Your blog is awesome! I love that you have great style , always love to see other peoples fashion ; ) love the jeans! Those are so cute and the scarf is hot! Oh mcdonalds is a good treat , love their chicken nuggets, the best!

    Peanutflour is amazing! U can mix it in oats or stuff u bake like muffins or bread , u can eat it mixed with a little water, stevia( or other sweetner) and it's yum Judy like that eaten with a spoon!

  4. Hope you'll find the perfect one soon! I like how the buttons of your pants are, by the way. :)

    Those clothes are fab! OMG with the passport fiasco. It's a good thing you had time to spare!