Friday 7 January 2011

I've moved out!!

So i haven't properly posted in forever!
My life's been pretty busy and it's been changing a lot! I' m working a lot at the spa and by the time i get home, i just want to crash and chill out! If you've been following my twitter or my blog, you'll know that me and Lawrence split up the beginning of October. I was enjoying being single for a few weeks and then i met someone special! I thought i'd introduce him to my blog as things have got quite serious, quite quickly! (and he asked for me to write about him!)

Warren and I :)

So we've only been officially 'together' for about a month, but seeing each other since the mid/end of October. It's crazy how fast things have moved but it just feels right and so Monday of this week, i moved in with him! We got on so well from the first time we met and from then on, we were speaking everyday, either texting all day and night or 4 hour long phone calls!

So i now live in Bristol and i get to see him everyday

We're both very happy and i know we're going to prove people wrong about the fact that it's a bad idea or it won't work. They always say you know when it's right! And i certainly do right now.
We've also decided we want to start making vlogs so watch out for those as well as regular posts from me! :) I'll do a tour of the house and include our housemate, Louis!

I hope you all had a great christmas and new year!


  1. Oh wow! Don't listen to other people, when you know, you know it's time =) Hope everything works out for you =)

    I am a new follower to your blog, i am doing a giveaway which includes a sleek palette, if you are interested check it out =) xx

  2. YAY friend! So good to see you blogging again!!! :) Missed you! And so glad you are so happy! You look stunning and congrats on your handsome new beau! You guys are a gorgeous couple! Keep up the blogging, girl!