Sunday 23 January 2011

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque!

I'm a huge fan of Dermalogica products, i use their Daily Microfoliant every morning and i used to use this mask a couple times a week about a year ago. When i finished the tube, i was wanting a bit of variety, so i started using Simple's deep cleansing mask. Although this mask is nice to use, it's a cream texture and doesn't really feel 'deep cleansing' enough for my skin type. With my impulsive personality, i couldn't wait any longer and i was ordering more Dermalogica. I found the Sebum Clearing Masque on Candy addicted beauty at a cheaper price of £24.00. (without p&p.)

The service was great, it arrived the next day and the package was cute and had that something 'extra' inside!

A thankyou note, 2 samples and a lollipop to carry on the candy theme!

All of Dermalogica's products are full of brilliant ingredients and don't use artificial fragrances or colours. Personally, i believe they live up to their expectations, here's what they state about the Sebum Clearing Masque..

This is the only mask that's under the label of 'deep cleansing' that i actually enjoy using and find works the best for my skin. It definitely feels cooling when it's applied onto the skin but that feeling soon passes as the mask 'sets'. It's white in colour because of the kaolin and because of the 'setting' feeling, it really helps feel as though your skin has been thoroughly cleaned and the excess sebum has been removed. Used regularly, it is also a great help at controlling breakouts. Now all i have to tackle is the acne scars left behind!

What face mask do you love? Have you found anything to help acne scars?


  1. ooo.. I gotta try this one!! I love Dermalogica too! I am looking for a scrub and masque from Dermalogica but I didn't know what to get. Good job I read your blog!

    Just to let you know that so far there is one website that offers the best price for Dermalogica. Try this..

    I am your follower now! Hope you can do the same:) xx

  2. I am a Dermalogica fan as well, although not all of their products works for me.