Saturday 14 August 2010

My everyday jewellery.

There's usually two ways with jewellery; Either you wear the same everyday or you have lots of pieces in different colours and styles that you change with your outfits.
I fall into the 'everyday' category. I can only wear 'real' silver or gold as my skin reacts with cheaper metals or plated metals. Not liking gold jewellery on myself, i stick with silver.

The one piece i wear every single day without fail is my Tiffany bracelet from Lawrence, last Christmas!

I absolutely love it and guard it with my life! I think of it as my lucky charm because ever since i've had it, i've worn it everyday and good things have. This past year has been amazing! Although, with my new job, the dress code is minimal jewellery; just a small pair of studs. I won't be able to wear this whilst working but i'll put it on on my way too and from work!

Another piece i wear almost everyday is my heart necklace, again i got this last Christmas, from Lawrence's parents!

I love the real bling effect of this and i always get nice comments and compliments when i wear this! My earrings i usually wear, were a gift from my Mum! She saw them and knew they would go with my beloved necklace and i agree they're a perfect match!

So overall, my everyday jewellery is pretty simple but the wow factor of lots of silver and a bit of bling! I do love my bling!

Do you wear the same jewellery everyday or switch it up? What's are your favourite key pieces?

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