Thursday 24 June 2010

How do you highlight?

I'm not really into the whole 'contouring a cheekbone in' on a day-to-day basis, i have a hint of natural shadow under my cheekone anyway. However, i do love to highlight everyday. For the past couple of weeks i have been using one product to highlight everyday and i love it! I only have a little sample but i'm definitely going to be purchasing the full size product.

Lily lolo's dollface blush. This is a gorgeous peachy blush and you all know i don't go for pinks. This is really good for pale skintones like myself as it's a pretty sheer, light colour and just blend into the skin, which is why i use it as a highlight more than a blush.

These are similar to MACs pigment in terms of the texture and the 'sparklyness' (my technical term!) The only Pigment i have is a sample of 'Melon'. Here they are compared together.

I've only used my Melon pigment sample once i think, on the eyes. I've never tried it on the cheeks because i think it would be too dark for me, however, on a tanned or darker skin, i think it would look great!

Here is my beloved Doll face blush just on the top of my cheeks to give a gorgeous, flattering highlight! I really think it's just enough shimmer for daytime but could easily layer it for a night out! Also, such a cute name! :)

What's your favourite product to highlight with?


  1. ohmygosh I love!! I a tinge of bronzer then blush, but I totally like the highlight look better...esp b/c when I get too much brozer, I dont 'glow,' I look crazy. haha.. :) I need this stuff!

  2. what a perfect name for it too, because YOU are such a doll face ;)

    i really want to find a good bronzer now that im getting more of a tan! actually do u know any good bronzers that brings out a natural color and spreads pretty evenly?

    xoxo <3 have a great night!

  3. I am in love with highlighters! Cheekbones in a packet or bottle are always a great thing! Have you tried Prestige's sunbaked minerals powder - It's quite similar but slightly lighter than MAC's Soft & Gentle MSF? It's an amazing highlighter.
    Kat x

  4. Love the effect!!

  5. Very pretty love!!!! I usually use NARS Orgasm blush to highlight my cheekies! I love it very much!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!!

    If I was there I would bake you brownies and a cake!! xoxo

  6. i love that blush name! i had one called "blushing baby doll" when i was in high school and i loved it. the MAC color i use now is "fleur power." i just got another darker one this weekend but i can't remember the name. it's pretty. i love mac!!