Saturday 12 June 2010

Free Liz Earle?

A few posts ago, i did a review on the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask, however, a few days after i posted the original, i edited it to say it had made me breakout really bad. A few hours later, i had an email from a PR Consultant at Liz Earle saying she had heard how i broke out from their mask and offered to send me some sample products to help settle my skin.
In turmoil over my awful skin, i agreed and sent her my mailing address. Yesterday, i was left a note to say my parcel had been returned to the post office as it need a signature. We went to get it this morning and the box was hugeee!
My immediate thought was 'they always over package, it's ridiculous!' I was expecting the little 'with compliments' samples you get with an order from Liz earle, so imagine my suprise when my boyfriend opened the lid to reveal this;

I have 5 brand new, full-size products! This is over £60 worth of products and i am not thankful enough! I was (and still am) absolutely speechless! I received the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit & the Skin Repair Light moisturiser... well as the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Spot On and Gentle Face Exfoliator!

However, i have noticed the Gentle Face Exfoliator says not suitable for sensitive skin, i'm not sure i want to chance it?

I'm really hoping these will help get my skin back to normal. It's not been this bad in ages and as shallow as it may seem, bad skin really gets me down because it knocks my confidence.

How do you deal with breakouts?
I'd just to add that Liz Earle's customer service is amazing! I did not email them first or contact them about this issue in anyway and i did not ask for anything from them. I have not been asked to review these products in any way either.


  1. Such a shame the mask made you breakout, I hope the new stuff sorts that out for you. I've often been tempted to try Liz Earle when I've seen it on tv, but I wondered if it wasn't right for my combination skin, I'd probably break out like you did :(

  2. That is good customer service! x

  3. oh nice!!!! lucky girl <3

    thankfully i havent had too bad of breakouts. but for me i used Acnomel and it works like a charm :)

    a good cleanser is helpful too :)

  4. My face used to break out ALL.THE.TIME. I made a very honest effort to keep my hands off of my face and now I have very minimal breakouts. If I start to pick at my face I have a guaranteed breakout!

  5. Oh gosh... I am speechless! You are such a lucky bunny indeed! And I must say their customer service is brilliante!! Let us know how do you deal with those breakouts.

  6. awwww love sorry to hear that the mas made you breakout! I have very sensitive skin and that has happened to me before as well! I hope the new products they sent you work, and that was so nice of them to do that!

    I LOVE the pca blemish bar I use , I have not had bad breakouts since using that, I mean I get a pimple here and there, but we all do! Especially when its pms time!


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- love your blog concept!